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How We Work

Most companies concentrate technical expertise in their particular field.  But very few companies can afford to keep a full time staff of experts in all technical areas.  So if your project calls for skills or manpower you don't have, where do you turn?

Horizon Systems, Inc. is an engineering service firm that offers practical solutions to your product development and analysis needs.  With over thirty years of experience, our focus is on accelerating your product development cycle, helping you make a profit and keeping your customers happy. See if we can help here

How do we work?

Initially, we'll determine, together, the extent of the technical problems you need to solve, and the results you expect.  Assuming we decide to proceed, we'll then provide you with a proposal that outlines what you'll get, how we'll accomplish those tasks, and the project specifics, including time, cost, and personnel requirements.

When you work with us, we'll provide you with the turnkey engineering, design and analysis expertise to make your project a success.  We provide the manpower, the tools, and the expertise to give you the answers to your technical problems.  We work offsite or, if you prefer, we can work at your facility.

You'll need to designate an employee with the authority to make decisions regarding the project, and to make available the data, drawings, and information that we need to meet the time frame established for the project.

During the duration of the project, you'll get continuous status updates, including the technical aspects, when we expect to get to the milestones you want, and any issues that need to be resolved together with your team.

We'll provide you with the drawings, reports, analysis results, and presentations you need to keep your customers abreast of the progress and the expected results.

You benefit by getting the expertise you need, when you 're ready for it.  You'll have the technical support to generate the ideas and solve your technical problems, and pay only for the results you need.

You can find out more specifics about the types of services we provide here.  Or, if you want more information, find out how to get in touch with us here.


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