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Concept Development

When you identify an upgrade or a new product, your ideas may still require some work.  Horizon Systems can help you firm up the requirements for your product, define the approaches and turn your concepts into reality.

Don't know if your development is worth it?

We can help determine the return on your development dollars.  We'll determine the development cost, and figure the return.  We can build in the edge to make your product superior and help you provide it at a profit.

We can perform tradeoff studies to evaluate different approaches.  We can identify the risks, refine your plans and make your product the optimum solution for the intended application.

We can help you submit a winning proposal, either to your management or to your customer.  We can generate the preliminary design, estimate costs, and write or edit the proposal.  We've done it before.  Click here to see what our clients say.

Still not sure?  Click here for free information to help evaluate your concepts.  Or click on the links on the left to see the results you get in each development phase:


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