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Product Design

You've identified the requirements and laid out the timetable. Now you need to make it happen. Horizon Systems can develop the designs to make your product a success. We can take portions of your design, or give you a turnkey solutions from the ground up. We'll provide you with a solution that meets your requirements. At a fixed price, with guaranteed results.

We can help you develop technology products that include:

  • Difficult technical requirements

  • Severe operating conditions

  • Moving parts and mechanisms

  • Drive system components

  • Heat generating components that require cooling

  • Mobile or transportable platforms

  • High accuracy applications

We have experience using materials including advanced composites and ceramics, high strength metal and injection molded plastics to design components specifically for your application. Questions? Click here.

We can provide the materials and generate the documentation you need. Whether it's:

  • presentations to your customer

  • solid models for visualization

  • detailed drawings OR

  • specifications for vendors,

You'll get what you need. Whether you need a fast answer to a technical issue or a solution from concept to market, please give us a call to discuss how we can bring your ideas to life.

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