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Prototype and Test

Once your initial design is complete, you'll want prototypes for evaluation and testing.  We can source and coordinate the manufacturing of initial prototypes for you, or recommend vendors that can do the job.  We can transfer the data files for stereo lithography parts that will allow you to see real hardware with a minimum turnaround.

If your customer requirements call for extensive testing, we can provide you with engineering support for:

  • Test planning and coordination
  • Instrumentation, data acquisition
  • Test review and evaluation
  • Data reduction and analysis

We can provide compliance support to help your product meet the following standards, along with others:

  • NEBS

  • FCC

  • ISO

  • UL

  • FAA

  • OSHA

  • CE (European Union)

In addition, we can provide you with failure analysis, and help you upgrade your product to meet your customer's requirements.

We can also help source vendors that provide you with the production capabilities you need, at the price you want.


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