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Systems Integration

At Horizon Systems, systems integration means bringing together mechanical and electrical or optical components to provide an integrated solution that makes your product a success.

Hsi0015_Ant_Hilite.jpg (13146 bytes)You benefit by utilizing our experience in packaging electronics systems from small hand-held devices to large multi-ton structures.  We can integrate electronics from board level up, including both infrared and visible optical components.   Click here for free information.

We have and can develop products that include printed circuit boards, radio-frequency components and waveguide, actuators, robots, and pneumatics.  Horizon Systems can design and analyze mechanisms and drive systems incorporating motors, gearboxes and multi-axis gimbals.  Click here to see what our clients say.

Horizon Systems can provide integrated solutions in the following areas:

  • Electronics Packaging and Cooling

  • Communications Antennas

  • Industrial Powertrains and Mechanisms

  • Consumer Products

  • Mobile or Transportable Systems

  • Optoelectronic Packaging

  • Gimbal Mounts and Positioners

We can work with your in-house staff to make your product a success, or we can provide you with turnkey solutions. Click here to find out more.


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